You’re invited to spend a year at Orfila Vineyards and Winery! On theseThrough the Grapevine beautiful pages, you’ll see the vineyard as few others are able to see it. Gorgeous color photographs from acclaimed photographer Paul Body capture the special aspects of all four seasons and show you how the delicious wine you love actually comes into being. See the first buds set on the vines. Glimpse the grapes as they get plump in the summer sun. Watch from the vineyard rows as perfectly ripened fruit is picked, crushed, and sent into tanks.

Through the Grapevine celebrates Orfila wine and the people that make it. It also celebrates the winery as a beloved setting for special occasions, a gathering place for socializing, and a destination where visitors can enjoy the simple pleasures of great wine in spectacular surroundings.

About the Photographer
San Diego native Paul Body has been a professional photographer for nearly 30 years. His specialties include photographing interior and exterior architecture, food & beverages, and other lifestyle-related subjects. His work has appeared in dozens of national and local publications and is often featured on the covers of San Diego Magazine, Pacific Magazine, and Draft magazine. He also has a number of acclaimed books to his credit, including Bubbly Bar, From Terra’s Table, and San Diego’s Top Brewers.

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