San Diego’s Top Brewers takes you on a personal tour of America’s Craft BeerColorado's Top Brewers Capital. Inside, you’ll find There are lots of great craft beer cities across America, but Colorado is the one state that can boast more awesome craft beer cities and towns than any other. (It’s also the only state to have a former brewpub founder for its governor!) Right now, there are more than 170 working breweries in Colorado, with an estimated 50 more in development. And the growth doesn’t look like it’s slowing. There’s a craft beer fever spreading across the entire state!

A True Dedication to Craft Beer
Denver and Fort Collins have long been the hubs of the state’s craft beer scene, but they are now being rivaled by Boulder, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Longmont/Lyons, and up-and-comers like Aurora, Greeley, Ridgway, and Poncha Springs. Breweries in all these places are doing exciting things by re-interpreting classic styles, experimenting with flavors and yeasts, and developing innovative ways to manufacture, package, and reduce their impact on the environment. Colorado brewers all over the state share a distinct passion for creativity, a true dedication to craft, and a boundless energy. This book is a tribute to their outstanding work.

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