“Much has been written about the amazing quality and variety of CaliforniaCalifornia Brew Master craft beer, and deservedly so. But, what about the brewers who are responsible for starting this revolution and continuing it today? California’s talented and adventurous brewers have pushed the envelope, but who are they, where did they come from, and where are they going? This book provides a unique limpse into the lives and thoughts of some of our most creative and successful brewers. Hopefully the profiles and photographs within these pages will inspire you and excite you anew about what is happening in the ‘cradle’ of craft beer.”
— Foreword by Steve Wagner, co-founder, Stone Brewing Co. & President, California Craft Brewers Association

Sit down and have a beer with some of California’s most renowned brewers. Personal interviews and beautiful photographs reveal each brewer’s unique personality and style and provide insight into the breweries and the incredible beers they craft. These conversations and profiles reveal the fascinating background and history of California’s craft
beer movement as well as the personal stories of how many great breweries came to be. CALIFORNIA BREWMASTERS highlights the relationship between the brewers and the beer they make, as it celebrates the many talented and passionate folks who are keeping the craft beer revolution alive.

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